T&Y LED Video Light TY-2400 (Used)

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Product Highlights

  • Scientific structure
  • High CRI
  • Stable color temperature
  • Multifunctional dimming

Professional light adopts double hollow sandwich structure, which ensures good air convection and enough lamp dissipation, meanwhile, there will not be light leak and stray light. High CRI can reach 93-95, realizing the high reducibility of the exposure object color.

Stable color temperature:

  • High consistency of light color temperature. All our lamp beads choose 5500k-5700k and 3100k-3300k
  • Small temperature drift, only 0.5% drift shown by 10000 hours test while common lamp beads can reach 3%

Multifunctional dimming:

  • Manual knob dimming
  • Connected with DMX512 dimmer
  • Wireless remote dimming

Without fan, without noise; Minimum size under the condition of the same power and the same quantity of lamp beads. T&Y LED lights adopt area source lighting formed by small LEDs, and also equipped high transparency soft light panel. Soft and uniform light output, without infrared and ultraviolet rays

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T&Y LED Video Light TY-2400 (Used)

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