Synco MC4 Mixer 4-Channel Professional Audio Mixer

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Specification :

Channel Number: 4
Input Interface: XLR, 6.3mm, RCA
Output Interface: 6.3mm, RCA
Professional 4-Channel Audio Mixer
SYNCO MC4 mixer supports high pitch, bass, reverb, input gain, volume adjustment, and real-time audio monitoring
Through wireless Bluetooth connection, SYNCO MC4 can tunes music from iPad, iPhone, and Android Smart Phone within 10 meters, fast and stable
Supports USB/MP3 Play, Computer/U-Disk Reco


The multifunction mixer you need

The new SYNCO MC4 is the professional audio mixer you are looking for. If you care about excellent quality audio production equipment, it will meet all your expectations. This 4-channel console is perfect for many applications – with its help you can listen to music, record instruments, and create radio programs – you are only limited by your imagination.

1 device – many possibilities

SYNCO MC4 combines what you need – an analog mixer and power amplifier – in one compact device. It allows you to tune 4 channels – including 2 input mono, one stereo, and USB channels. This makes the device perfect for use in recording studios, music bars, and TV, as well as for living broadcast or post-production of films. SYNCO MC4 will work everywhere you need it – take advantage of its extraordinary capabilities.

Full control

SYNCO gives you full flexibility. You can freely amplify the signals, operate the bass and treble, and adjust the volume. The EFX button gives you the possibility to achieve the reverberation effect. Moreover, each channel can be adjusted separately – SYNCO MC4 offers you full control. The jack input also allows you to connect headphones to the mixer and monitor the sound in real-time. When you are conducting a live broadcast, you can connect the microphone and the selected instrument synchronously and get a separate, clear sound. Enjoy the control you need – the SYNCO MC4 console will provide you with optimal results.

Stunning sound quality

SYNCO MC4 is equipped with an extremely precise preamplifier, which allows you to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and catch even the smallest differences between voices or instruments. It records the highest quality, natural-sounding sound in any situation – even when you transmit live. SYNCO guarantees a resolution of 24bit/192KHz, resulting in high signal accuracy and perfect, crystal clear sound – even after processing. Say goodbye to the distorted, ear-navigating sound – with MC4 you can enjoy a completely new, stunning quality.

Reliable compatibility


You can easily connect the SYNCO MC4 mixer to most devices and instruments. A set of cabling, including 3.5 mm TRS and TRRS, ensures that the console can be easily connected to a variety of equipment. The mixer is also equipped with 6.3 mm XLR, RCA outputs, and a USB interface, so you can work with a variety of devices and instruments – you can connect to it, among others, microphones, guitar, computer, or speaker. Work the way you want – a compatible SYNCO MC4 mixer will give you the capabilities you need.

2 power options

 You can power the mixer in 2 ways. When you have this possibility, use a 48V phantom power supply (permanent power). Otherwise, connect the console to the power supply via the micro USB port. You can simultaneously charge the device and transfer data – a practical solution that will save you time. With SYNCO MC4 you will be able to work freely and flexibly adjust the way you power your equipment to your capabilities and needs.

Compact design

SYNCO MC4 is also small, light, and compact. It weighs only 430 g, and its dimensions are only 15 cm x 18 cm. Thanks to this, the mixer is extremely handy – you can easily take it with you where you want. Whether at home, in the recording studio, or in the field – the SYNCO portable mixer will accompany you wherever you need it.

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Synco MC4 Mixer 4-Channel Professional Audio Mixer

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