Samson QL5 – Lavalier Microphone

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  • Great for presentation and video applications
  • The fixed charged condenser element
  • The enhanced cardioid pickup pattern
  • Sturdy tie clip securely attaches microphone out of sight
  • Carry Pouch and PM5 XLR adapter included

The Samson QL5 is a cardioid lavalier microphone designed for general reproduction of speech in video, broadcast, or live sound reinforcement applications. The QL5 is completely self-contained and versatile. The cable terminates to a Samson 3-pin connection for use with compatible Samson bodypack transmitters. The QL5’s audio quality, versatility, and price point make it a viable utility microphone for interviews, event video, presentations, and more.

Cardioid Polar Pattern

The QL5 lavalier features a cardioid pick up pattern that effectively minimizes noise and audio signal at the off-axis sections of the microphone. The result reduces feed-back and residual noise.

Small Profile

The miniature profile of the QL5 is ideal for use in applications where concealment is necessary.

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Samson QL5 - Lavalier Microphone

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