Samson CM12C Hanging Choir Microphone

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Samson CM12C Overview

The Samson CM12C is an overhead, hanging microphone designed for vocal capturing, particularly choirs and vocal performances. The microphone features a miniature capsule providing an inconspicuous, low-profile design. The microphone features a sturdy, adjustable steel hanging bracket for secure, accurate placement. The cardioid polar pattern minimizes off-axis noise and feedback. The CM12C also features a 30-foot hardwired XLR cable.

Condenser Element

The condenser element provides high output and requires 9-52V phantom power.

Cardioid Polar Pattern

The cardioid polar patter minimizes ambiance and off-axis noise that can cause feedback.

Multi-Stage Wind Screen

A multi-stage windscreen reduces wind noise and artifacts due to sibilance and popping.

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Samson CM12C Hanging Choir Microphone

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